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 Electric Eel Taps a Line to the Rental Industry

Specialization isn't just a new catchword making the rounds in business; it has become key to profitability for both rental companies and suppliers in many competitive segments. But specialization involves more than a stated focus on a particular product line or service, because companies cannot be deemed specialists until their particular focus has stood the test of time. Electric Eel began focusing on its specialty right after World War II with the introduction of the dual-cable sewer cleaning machine, and the company  

Electric Eel offices in Springfield Ohio, where its recently expanded manufacturing facility (not shown) is also located.

Founded: 1939; name changed to Electric Eel Mfg. Co. in 1968.
Headquarters: Springfield, Ohio.
Key Personnel: David Hale, vice president/CEO; Tom Hale, vice president/CFO; Mark Speranza, marketing director; Mark Wertz, technical specialist.
Main product line: Sewer and drain cleaning equipment.


The Electric Eel Rental Lineup

* Hande drain cleaner (manual, 1/4" x 25' cable)
* Closet auger
* Model S (drill unit)
* Model CT (electric, 5/16" x 25' cable)
* Model K (manual, 1/2" x 50' cable)
* Model E (electric, 1/2" x 50' cable)
* Model E-AF (electric, 1/2" x 50' cable w/auto cable feed)
* Model Z5 (electric, 1/2" x 75' cable)
* Model Z5-AF (electric, 1/2" x 75' cable w/auto cable feed)
* Model R (electric, 3/4" x 100' cable)
* Model RF (electric, 3/4" x 100' cable w/auto cable feed)
* Model C (sectional machine)
* EJ1500 (electric jetter)
* EJ3000 (gas jetter)
* Kinetic Water Ram
* eCAM Pipeline Inspection Systems
* T.R.S. Cables
* Cables for every need
* Flat steel sewer tapes



has supplied the rental industry with an expanding roster of drain-cleaning equipment ever since, a period spanning more than five decades.

Over the years, the Ohio- based company's effort to understand and fill the unique needs of the rental market has led to ongoing design changes and additions to its products. As a safety feature, for example, ground-fault circuit interrupters are part of all electrically powered models sold by the company.

"Our experience in the rental industry has also led to the open cage design of our drum-type machines," says marketing director Mark Speranza. "This open cage allows for quick inspection upon the machines return from a customer, as well as easy cleaning by the service department."

Given the emergency nature of plumbing rental, the company strives to improve the timely delivery of its products, and it now guarantees that all "rush orders called in before 11 a.m. EST are shipped within 24 hours.

To address concerns about safety and to ensure the proper use of its products, Electric Eel offers on-site training by company representatives and has produced a video specifically for the rental industry. The video reviews each of the manufacturer's machines, providing tips on safety as well as operation and maintenance. The video often used by rental centers as an employee training tool or shown to novice customers before rental, according to Speranza.

Electric Eel also helps its rental dealers on the marketing front, offering a variety of collateral material to promote its products, including a rental display banner, line art, instructional videos, envelope stuffers, " Choosing the Right Machine" posters and decals.

Choosing the Right Machine for the Job
Application charts instruct the customers and give them confidence to rent your products.